What will Providence be like in 34 years?
We invited emerging leaders from a variety of backgrounds to give us their vision for our city’s future. They were each asked the same basic questions and what they imagined is tremendously exciting.

LISTEN to Sierra predict how technological advances will create new opportunities for efficiencies and productivity.

SIERRA BARTER is the co-founder and CEO of The Lady Project and the social media coordinator for Johnson & Wales University.

LISTEN to Aarin discuss opportunities for Providence to think about urban design and use with an eye towards creating a more cohesive city identity and brand.

AARIN CLEMONS is the Brand & Culture Director of The Dean Hotel.

LISTEN to Maeve imagine the “internet of things” that allows for responsive environments, personal engagement with environments, and a revolution of personal freedoms.

MAEVE DONOHUE is a designer, developer and entrepreneur.

LISTEN to Adrienne predict how climate change and increased population will change the downtown Providence landscape.

ADRIENNE GAGNON is Executive Director and Founder of DownCity Design and is an adjunct faculty member at RISD.

LISTEN to Roberto discuss how cutting edge technology of today will become commonplace and familiar by 2050.

ROBERTO GONZALEZ is the founder of STEAM Box, enabling youth to learn science through projects based on their passions.

LISTEN to Morgan root the future of Providence in it’s past by relating our tolerance and celebration of diversity and our changing demographics.

C. MORGAN GREFE is a historical scholar and Executive Director of Rhode Island Historical Society.

LISTEN to Niels explore the interplay between science & culture which will be required for Providence to be on the vanguard of addressing the impact of climate change on our city.

NIELS HOBBS Niels Hobbs is a marine biologist and Director of the Lovecraft Arts & Sciences Council.

LISTEN to Brian imagine how the tradition of technology innovation in Providence will inspire a new “spirit of making”.

BRIAN JEPSON is publisher for Make Books and co-organizer of Providence Geeks and the Rhode Island Mini Maker Faire.

LISTEN to Tom discuss his predictions for how voting and civic education will change in the year 2050.

TOM KERR-VANDERSLICE is the Providence program manager of Generation Citizen.

LISTEN to Jori look forward to seeing Providence’s physical and cultural landscape evolve in ways that address future needs and structural inequities.

JORI KETTEN is an educator, artist, curator and community engagement professional.

LISTEN to Janaya discuss the use of augmented reality in allowing people to experience history and art in new ways.

JANAYA KIZZIE is is an archivist, writer and co-director of the Frequency Writers.

LISTEN to Matthew discuss how changes in climate and an aging population will affect daily life in Providence.

MATTHEW LAWRENCE is a writer, publisher and co-founder of Headmaster Magazine.

LISTEN to Jack discuss the impact of technological changes in media and access to information as an opportunity for equity and social participation.

JACK MARTIN is Executive Director of Providence Public Library.

LISTEN to Zach imagine how changes in transportation and public space can contribute to a sense of belonging and community engagement.

ZACH MEZERA is the Executive Director of the Providence Student Union.

LISTEN to Andy predict a city with an increasingly diverse population and opportunities for Providence to be a national center of social innovation.

ANDY POSNER is the founder and CEO of Capital Good Fund which he founded while a student at Brown University.

LISTEN to Brent imagine growth in currently underutilized neighborhoods of the city. He envisions an integration of history and 21st century architecture.

BRENT RUNYON is the executive director of the Providence Preservation Society.

LISTEN to Kate envision changes in our coastal geography & economy as a result of large scale environmental shifts that will require Providence to adapt and become more sympathetic to the natural world around it.

KATE SCHAPIRA is a poet, curator and teacher of writing.

LISTEN to Julius talk about Providence as a place where innovation is encouraged, and where commitment to local food production and distribution is renewed.

JULIUS SEAWRIGHT is a chef and community activist. He founded Food4Good – the city’s first social enterprise food truck.

LISTEN to Raymond envision a city that celebrates its history, traditions, and cultural diversity as a mechanism for economic and social development.

RAYMOND TWO HAWKS WATSON is a community development consultant and activist.