Author: Stacie Parillo

Time Capsules: A Portal to Providence’s Past

A little over one year ago the oldest time capsule discovered in American history was opened. It was discovered in the cornerstone of the Boston State House, placed there in 1795 by then Governor Samuel Adams and Paul Revere. The opening of the capsule garnered widespread media coverage, and its contents gave the world a glimpse of American life on the cusp of the 19th century. I’m sure you may have heard of this exciting time capusle discovery. However, did you know that our very own City of Providence revealed a significant time capsule find 15 years ago? Dedicated...

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10 Great Time Travel Stories – Part II

Last week we published Part I, featuring 5 classic time travel tales. These next five Time Travel books are more recent and anchor themselves in historical or everyday events. They are less about the concept of time travel and more about what we can learn from being put into circumstances beyond our control. The Anubis Gates, Tim Powers (1983) science fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, mystery Using historical details with his fantastical imagination, Powers makes this time travel novel a thrilling adventure full of humor. Powers won a Philip K. Dick award in 1984 for this complex original story. It...

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