Author: Stacie Parillo

Back to the Future, Part 1: 1920s

Students get inspired by images from PPL’s digital collection to design clothes inspired by 1920s fashion. Teens sketch their visions and make them come to life on miniature dress forms. RISD CE Instructor Candace French teaches students about garment...

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Designing for the Future by Exploring the Past

​ Session 1 Students dive right in to designing with RISD CE instructor Bunky Hurter. Teens start mocking up miniature outfits based on fashions from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Session 2 Teens start construction on their life‐size dress forms made out of a T‐shirt, tape, newspaper and cardboard. Angela DiVeglia, PPL Special Collections Curatorial Assistant, shows teens materials with patterns from nature, architectural structures and animal muscular forms. ​ Session 3 Students protyped their designs before creating their large paper garments. Session 4 Teens start to see their visions take shape in an intense work session. Students...

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